Hillary Hogue

Website: http://www.hillaryhogue.com/
Email: hillary@hillaryhogue.com

Statement: My work is about redefining feminine identity. I have created an interior world that over time has evolved into a personal mythology. The mythology expands and emerges into identities that originally started as half-developed, injured, or dormant parts of the psyche and have evolved into heroes, guides, deities, shadows and various “archetypal” entities that champion the host. They protect and define a non-physical beauty present throughout all the stages of life. I see my mythical world filled with viscous layers that are best narrated by a multilevel process. This invented world has started to drive itself and to form an independent life from that of the artist. It continually explodes into new directions by recreating itself and reinventing itself, expanding and dissolving as it reaches the edge of the artist’s identity and sense of self.

Selected Works:

worm boy  warrior V

black siamese twins  black twins