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Celebrate the Visual Arts in Jacksonville…

Southlight Gallery, Voted Jacksonville’s Best Gallery 2015/2016

Jacksonville’s most prominent Collaborative Art Gallery, exhibiting and selling masterful works from our area’s finest professionals:

Kathy Stark  –  Lois Newman  –  Mark Howard  –  Hillary Hogue

Pablo Rivera  –  Paul Karabinis  –  Ronda McDonald – Allison Watson

Chris Flagg – Will Dickey – Craig Monroe – Nancy R. Schultz

Enzo Torcoletti  –  Grant Ward – Garry McElwee  –  Pam Zambetti

Belton S. Wall – Tony Wood  –  Michael Dunlap

Heralded for our advocacy, we are committed to representing Jacksonville and our downtown core with the best source of local fine art for sale in the region.

During the recent quarantine Art Walk has been on hold.

We will resume our Celebration of the arts at SOUTHLIGHT GALLERY as soon as it is safe to do so.

Most Recent Featured Artist: Pablo Rivera

Ever young and vibrant, octogenarian Pablo Rivera embodies the passion of art. Although he majored in graphic arts at NYC in the 1950’s, Pablo has always given himself wholeheartedly to an array of artistic expressions and continuous evolution.

Wood and stone whisper to him what they want to become, and he deftly obliges them. His fluid style of painting works well in all media. He is renowned for his commercial and fine art photography.

Pablo’s sculptures, drawings, paintings, and photographs, as well as prints, are available for purchase at Southlight Gallery.


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