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Ronda Steinke McDonald


Bio: Ronda Steinke McDonald’s current artistic expressions are in photography. She lives life as an art form. She is the owner and operator of New Leaf School that welcomes students who need an especially small and caring school community. She is also a free-lance writer and poet. She happily survived the experience of raising three wonderfully unique human beings. She now resides on Pablo Island with the architect and photographer Michael Dunlap and the pets her children left behind.

Artist Statement: The camera’s ability to capture an image allows me to create assemblages that my hands could not render. For more than 15 years I’ve aimed my lens at the minutiae of life and clicked the shutter when the scene becomes the satisfying abstraction I sought. Currently, I am using my reservoir of accumulated images as a quilter would use fabric. I snip a bit from one or another and juxtapose these into the oversized images that hang alone or in a block to form the Quilt Series. Naturescapes and Cityscapes are equally interesting to me when I set out on a photo journey close to home or abroad. More than a hundred of these intentionally small images were featured in my 2012 show The World as I See It.

Selected Works: