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Paul Karabinis

Specialty: Alternative processes; History of Photography

Bio: Paul Karabinis is Associate Professor of Photograph

y at the University of North Florida where he teaches courses in photography and history of photography. As a photo historian, his primary interest is focused upon early practitioners who understood photography as a hybrid printmaking process that relied upon light sensitive chemicals rather than etching acids and ink. As a photographer, he works exclusively with historical processes such as Cyanotype, Salted Paper and Albumen. Through attention to vantage point and scale, juxtaposition of foreground and background, he constructs and photographs three-dimensional collages that explore how a photograph can be made, how it can look, and how it can function as a picture.

Selected Works:


InPlatosCave OceanWithin

DivineInspiration Contemplating_Noisy_Confusion_08

CauseandEffect AnxietyofNewPoss_S