Pam Zambetti


Bio:  Pam Zambetti has served as the Southlight Gallery’s Director of Marketing/Sales and Artist in Residence since December 2009. Pam is a 1991 graduate from FSU’s School of Art, with postgraduate studies in Arts Administration. Since joining Southlight, she has played a key role in daily operations. Pam oversees gallery promotions, coordinates in-house events and venue rental for professional organizations. She developed and oversees an accredited Internship Program that is served by students from both UNF and JU. All the while, Pam has been considered a key player in Downtown Jacksonville’s Off The Grid Art Initiative.

Art and Travel have always been Pam’s greatest passions. Throughout the 80’s she managed the Corporate Branch of Wharton Williams Travel Agency, which provided opportunity for extensive travel. In 1989, Pam returned to college and enrolled at Florida State University in pursuit of her long coveted Art degree. After commencement she found a niche in the then highly popular Decorative Arts field, where her unique painting style and flair for color were in high demand for more than 10 years. Upon her husband’s retirement Pam surrendered the ladders and ceilings, and returned to her passion for travel and community service. Pam’s techniques, finishes and colors are inspired by her many travels.

In 2007, Pam returned to her creative roots as a professional Fine Art painter and carried over her passion for the large canvas. Whether representational or abstract: color, scale, texture, passion and interrelationships feed Pam’s large expressive oil paintings. Her sense of humor and playful innuendo are equally dominant as seen below in her current series “Full Blooms” which will be on display at the Southlight Gallery through February.

Featured Works:


Below are images from Pam’s award winning Pear/Pair Series;  a pleasing reference to the pear shape and human figure, set in a lively assortment of pairings.