Nofa Dixon


Artist Statement

Born and raised in a Mid-Eastern culture as a child and growing up in America has created a dichotomy of extremes which have affected my life, philosophy, and my art. My work demonstrates these dramatic, extremes of solid, bold and colorful elements contrasted with small, fragile yet subtle expressions, which I hope create a stimulating experience for the viewer.

I was raised in a Protestant home, yet my life was highly affected by Muslim art and culture, which permeated most of my experiences as a child. In fact, it has subconsciously affected most of my adult life — my geometric, organic and playful imagery.

Although in graduate school I trained as a painter, I have spent many years refining the construction of layered surfaces in three-dimensional clay forms. Regardless of medium, I have always allowed myself the freedom to experiment, explore, play and have an adventurous spirit with a variety of materials for the purpose of discovering possibilities and achieving new effects. For the past ten years, I have enjoyed creating hundreds of collage images purely for my personal pleasure. Within a short period of time, I discovered that there are similarities between my approach to creating clay vessels/sculptural forms and the two-dimensional collages. Complex formal design elements are deliberately used to achieve a greater level of sophistication. In the past two years, I have returned to working on canvas and I am again enjoying the process of working with the same attitude of layering and utilizing paradox as a common denominator of expression.