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Jack Allen


Artist Statement:

I studied Spanish in grammar school and French in high school, becoming conversational in both. For a period, it could have been said, I was trilingual. Not having either Spanish or French in daily conversations thereafter, I reverted to being monolingual.

Until about 20 years ago. It was at that time in my life that I began to learn the language of art.

The language of art has its own “alphabet, punctuations, accents”, and the like. The complexities, simplicities and curiosities of abstraction quickly became an insatiable diction in my mind. How? Why? Why not? What? What if? Answerable questions about the language of Abstract Expressionism rained, poured and flooded my inner psyche. Reading about the paintings of Jackson Pollock, Gerhard Richter, Jean Paul Riopelle and Barnett Newman taught me the “alphabet” of abstraction. Richard Diebenkorn’s Ocean Park Series exposed me to the soft coolness that “punctuation and accents” can integrate into “abstract landscapes”, as his Ocean Park Series has been described before.

I aim to express my desire for a unified and peaceful people in my work. My paintings are typically composed of a variety of separate colors that are integrated with textural bridges of paint. The colors could, in theory, all exist on their own. But when merged together, they create a rich, diverse and “living” composition.

Recent Works:

The secret worth knowing-Knowledge-2012

Unity II

Unity III

Unity IV

Unity IX

Unity VI

Unity VII

Unity VIII