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Garry McElwee

Garry McElweeEmail:
Phone: 904-891-5396
Specialty: Photography

Bio: Garry McElwee was born in Marlinton West Virginia in 1946. He attended West Virginia University before relocating to Florida to pursue a degree in art. He went to Broward Community College in Ft Lauderdale and then on to Florida State University where he was a member of the BFA program.

His interest in graphic design led him to pursue a degree in communications design and he founded his first design firm while still attending classes at Florida State. This led to the founding of McElwee and McElwee with his wife Sandy. Over the years McElwee and McElwee became an award winning corporate design studio with top level clients in the United States.

In addition to his work as a managing partner in Mcelwee and McElwee, Garry worked as a photographer for the firm and many other clients in corporate and advertising world. Since the early 1990’s Garry has worked independently as a free lance photographer.

In 2006 Garry founded Artist Services a company that produces archival prints for artists. And he  is pursuing his work as a fine art photographer.

Artist Statement: I have been blessed to work my entire life as a commercial artist in a variety of disciplines. I have been a managing partner in a corporate design firm, a director of creative services in an advertising agency and a commercial photographer doing both studio and location photography.

Being a successful advertising photographer takes the highest degree of technical and creative skill. I wanted to be a photographer from the very beginning  because I had so much admiration for advertising photographers and their ability to produce stunning images under the most challenging of circumstances both technical and creative.

Now these many years later I have done thousands of those assignments and won my share of recognition for that work. After fulfilling the visions of all those art directors and having the pleasure and privilege to be a part of those creative teams I am now off on a new quest to create my own vision as a fine art photographer and printmaker.

Recent Works:

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Garry McElwee - Summer Fun  Garry McElwee - San Miguel Mission

Garry McElwee - Rt 66  Garry McElwee - Red Gunman org

Garry McElwee - Frost Bites  Garry McElwee - Cea's Pie